How Much Grass Do I need?

Calculating how much artificial grass you need is simple if you have a square or rectangular area, but can seem complex when there are more irregular shapes, however it is really not that difficult.

  • To start with, draw a grid of squares to match the rough size of your garden.
  • Starting in one corner, fill in the shape of your new lawn – you don’t need to be exact, but always err on the side of caution.

To calculate the m2 area, multiply the width in metres by the length in metres. If you have measured in feet, simply convert the measurements in feet by multiplying by 0.3048 which will give you the measurement in metres.

Our grass is supplied in 2m and 4m wide x 25m long rolls, of which we will cut the length to your specific requirement (to the nearest 0.5m).

In the example below, the length is approximately 7.85m which will be rounded up to 8m. Because we offer both 2m & 4m rolls, the 5.2m width would be supplied as a 4m cut and a 2m giving a total width of 6m with one join. Total area to be purchased for this area will be 6m wide x 8m long = 48m2 and ordered as 1 piece 4m x 8m and 1 piece 2m x 8m.


When joining two or more pieces of artificial grass, remember to make sure that the yarn fibres are going in the same direction. More information regarding installation can be found in our Artificial Grass – Frequently Asked Questions section.