Artificial Grass Fixing Products

We offer several ways to secure the perimeter or joints in your artificial grass.

  • U Shaped fixing pins –  20 x 3cm (Pack of 10)
  • Standard Double Sided Adhesive Joint Tape – 4m x 15cm wide
  • Strong Butyl Double Sided Adhesive Joint Tape – 4m x 15cm wide
  • Outdoor Adhesive Cartridge (Green) – 290ml
  • Non Adhesive Seam Tape 200mm wide (sold per ln mt – for use with 290ml adhesive cartridge)


When joining two pieces of grass, always make sure the grass pile is going in the same direction. Line up the two joints, then carefully pull back the two parts and apply the joint tape. It is advised to use something like a plank of timber over the joint with some weights on it, to help keep the adhesive bond.

Our standard joint tape initially appears to be not very tacky, however once a weight is applied to the joint, it will securely hold the grass joint after a couple of hours. The Butyl tape on the other hand is extremely tacky and will give a more permanent and stronger bond, especially on hard surfaces such as concrete or tiles.

An alternative to the self adhesive joint tape is our non adhesive seam tape which is used in conjunction with the green adhesive cartridge. It is used in the same way as the other tape, but when the tape is laid down, you apply “zig zag” lines of adhesive and then fold back the grass. The advantage of this option is that unlike the self adhesive tape, where once the grass touches the tape, especially the butyl one, there is no give, the cartridge adhesive will remain pliable for some time allowing you to tweak the joint as needed. If using a geotextile weed barrier membrane between the leveling material and grass, you should be able to glue the grass directly to it without the need for the seam tape.

When using fixing pins or similar, be careful not to drive them home too far as you might see a depression at this point especially on shorter pile grass.

If securing your grass on timber or composite decking, why not simply screw or staple it down directly.


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