Artificial “Summer” Box Hedge Panel – 100cm x 100cm

Our “Summer” Artificial Box hedging is a brighter version of our traditional box hedge. The Main colour is still olive green, however the variagated leaf tips are yellow to give a brighter effect. Supplied in 1m x 1m panels, that can be easily clicked together to create larger size panels.

  • Summer “Box Panel” is a brighter Buxus leaf that looks natural & vibrant
  • Suitable for outdoor use, easily cut with a utility knife or scissors
  • Ideal for balcony, wall panels, screening and hiding unsightly items such as refuse bins
  • No watering or maintenance required


Artificial hedge provides a realistic look for all your outdoor spaces adding character and privacy to areas such as a balconies & fences, without having to wait years for the same effect from a real hedge. They are also an ideal, fast & effective solution to disguise unattractive items such as refuse bins, utility poles & meter boxes.

Supplied in 100cm x 100cm panels which simply click together to fit the space you have to create that instant screen or barrier that looks natural and appealing.

  • New Size – 4 panels 50cm x 50cm clipped together as one panel
  • Suitable for residential & commercial use
  • Weatherproof & UV stabilised
  • No watering or maintenance required
  • Install anywhere
  • Matrerial PE so it can be recycled.
  • Manufacture warrantee on the product 5 years