Big Bag For Cars – Boot Liner

SKU: C104S

The Big Bag For Cars is a boot liner to prevent messing up your car boot while transporting garden or messy construction waste to the civic amenity site’s.

  • Capacity 1,100L (1.1m3)
  • 100cm wide, 80cm high, 140cm deep
  • 100gr/m2
  • 4 hang tags hold the bag open
  • 4 eyelet flaps keep the bag securely closed
  • 4 handles allow for easy emptying


Transporting green and general waste from your home to the civic amenity site can be a messy job. The “Big Bag For Cars” lines the inside of your car or van’s boot and are held open with 4 tags that simply attach to door handles or tailgate cylinders etc. When ready the bag is closed using the 4 eyelet flaps to prevent spills while in transit. Using the two front and 2 rear handles, your load can be emptied safely and easily.