Entrance Coir Matting


Coir or CoCo entrance matting is the standard product for traditional recessed matwells for both homes, shops, hotels and offices. The mat comes in 1m or 2m wide rolls, and we cut to your required length (1m long minmum) in 0.5m multiples.

  • Hard wearing for commercial & residential matwells
  • East to install, cuts from the back with utility knife
  • Natural Eco-friendly coconut husk fibres
  • 17mm thickness
  • Supplied in Natural or Black, in 1m or 2m widths
  • Indoor Use Only


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49.9479.19 m2

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While a lot of people may not have heard of Coir matting, they will have seen it, as it is the number one entrance mat choice for homes and businesses in Ireland. Often called “coco mat” or “recessed door well matting”, Coir matting is a environmental eco-friendly product made of natural fibres from the husk of coconuts. Apart from being natural & sustainable, it is also very durable, hard-wearing and long lasting.

The mat is contained within the floor recess so does not need to be bound, however most people edge the flooring around the recess with a self adhesive aluminium angle profile to finish it off. The edging is supplied in 90cm & 270cm lengths in a choice of colours.


Black, Natural


1m, 2m