Face Mask Case Kit (4)


Regardless of government guidelines and regulations, a lot of people feel more confortable wearing a mask or face covering. Our wallet keeps your mask clean while in your pocket of handbag.

  • Kit contains 4 cases, 4 disposable masks and 4 neck strap
  • Protection of disposal mask from outside contamination
  • Mask strap – extends your mask & prevent sore ears
  • Folds up to 95 x 65mm size
  • Inside can be cleaned and sterilized
  • Manufactured from PP, so is completely recyclable
  • Ideal for your pocket, handbag, car glove box, briefcase etc.


Wearing a face mask or shield has becoming second nature, while the requirement to wear them has changed, a lot of people feel more confortable wearing one, especially in crowded places.

Our simple kit consists of a handy folding wallet for a disposal mask, a disposable mask and a neck strap which can also be used to extend the size of the mask, or to take the strap away from the ear.

The wallet the mask clean in your pocket or bag. Alternatively keep one set in the glove box of your car, your handbag, briefcase or your jacket to make sure you always have a mask to hand if needed.


Black, Light Blue, Mixed, Peach