Hard Wax Repair Kit

Achieve professional repairs to scratched in floors, window frames, furniture & doors with our hard wax repair kits. When using on wood with different colours, start with the lighter colour as a base and blend in darker grains as needed. Supplied with hand held battery operated heating tool.

  • Battery heating tool included (2 x AA batteries required)
  • Supplied with 4 colour wax & spreader
  • Ideal for floors, doors and furniture
  • Suitable for Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Strong & durable finish


Wax repair kit’s are a quick and effective way of making minor repairs to furniture, floors and doors. We have two options, Soft and Hard wax both will do the same job, the main difference is the durability of the repair. Both are supplied in three colour options:

  • Light – Medium: containing four wax wood colour for light to medium timber.
  • Medium – Dark: containing four wax wood colour to cater for medium to dark timber.
  • Grey: containing a selection of four contemporary grey shades.

Our soft wax is plyable and comes with a plastic spatula so you can easily fill scrapes in vertical surfaces such as doors and furniture. Once the area is prepaired, fill the scratch or chip with the closest lighter wax colour to the timber and then add darker wax to areas as required to blend in with the different wood grains. While you can also use soft wax for the likes of floors or areas with high wear, this is really where the hard wax comes into play. As the name suggests, the hard wax needs to be melted using the handheld battery operated tool (2 AA batteries not included). It is then applied and blended in the same way as the soft wax, but once it hardens, you are left with a stronger and more durable repair that can also handle the elements if used outside.


Grey Wood, Light – Medium Wood, Medium – Dark Wood