Waspinator is a proven way to stop wasps coming into your garden, outdoor dining area or beer garden. As Wasps are territorial, they see the Waspinator as another colony’s nest, causing them to simply fly away. Safe, easy to use and does not kill the wasp and has no effect on bee’s or butterflies. As this is a “Scarecrow” for wasps, it needs to be visual, so place it close to where you sit out, but visible.

  • Simple & easy to install
  • Deters wasps for up to 12m
  • No chemicals, bate or traps
  • Does not kill the wasp, just moves them away
  • Over 1,000,000 units sold up to 2020.


To you and I, this will look like a stripped bag, however to Wasps, they see a large Wasps Nest. Being extermly territorial, enough wasps would be dispatched from a hive to attack and kill a wasp straying into its territory, so when a wasp see’s a next, it avoids the area. So Waspinator is a scarecrow for wasps, it doesnt kill or hurt them, there are no chemicals or toxins and more importantly, it has no effect on butterflys, bees or anything else, so your garden, outdoor resturant or beer garden can still be at one with nature – just without the wasps.

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