Weed Control Fabric Barrier

Heavy duty weed control fabric barrier prevents two materials mixing such as soil with a mulch or stone top layer. The top layer prevent light from penetrating into the soil and so helps weeds from coming up through it. The printed green lines helps you with controlled plant spacing a lot easier.

  • 2m x 10m (20m2)
  • Heavy Duty (100 g/m2)
  • Water Permeable (8.70 lt/m2/s)
  • Suitable as base layer under hardcore
  • UV Resistant
  • Durable Woven Polypropylene


Weed control fabric barrier is sometimes called a “geotextile separation membrane”, its main function is to stop two materials mixing. It is used between the base soil and hardcore before finishing off with Artificial Grass, Paving etc, or for landscaping between the soil and the top finish dressing Recycled Rubber Chipping Mulch, Decorative Stones or Bark Mulch etc. Supplied in a handy 20m2 roll – 2m x 10m (approx 6’5″ x 32’8″) roll which is easy to cut with a scissors or sharp utility knife. For larger areas, you can just overlap the joints or tape with a suitable waterproof joint tape. For planting, the green printed lines help guide you to space out your plants equally.


4m x 150mm