February 2018 – Waspinator Wasp Repellent

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Waspinator is a simple way to eliminate wasps from your garden or outdoor area without harming them. Traditionally most wasp remedy’s involved trapping or killing the wasps, however one of the downsides is that dying wasps send out a signal which is picked up by other wasps, that they are under attack and to send reinforcements – isn’t it time for something different?

How does Waspinator work? Wasps are territorial and are tricked into thinking that the Waspinator is another colonies hive, so rather than risk attack from this other colony, they simply retreat from the area, leaving you with a wasp free area.

Where do you use it? Simply hang it over your patio table, on a tree, by the BBQ or bins to create a wasp free zone area of about 12 metre diameter.

  • Easy to create a wasp free zone
  • Tricks wasps into moving away
  • Completely harmless to wasps
  • No chemicals, no maintenance
  • No traps, no mess, no dead wasps
  • Award winning product
  • Over 1,000,000 units sold to date
  • Endorsed by Monty Don from Gardeners World
  • Used by the UK National Trust