Anti-Slip Rebated Strips


Rebated anti slip or non slip strips can be retrofitted into a rebate in concrete or timber to give a safe and durable walkway. The strips are 12mm wide x 7mm deep and 1.2m long. The aluminium casing is powdercoated for added durability.

  • 13mm wide x 1.2m long.
  • Pre-drilled for ease of installation
  • Tested to BS 79762 for slip resistance
  • PVT result of 76 in wet conditions.
  • Different colour available, subject to MOQ and additional cost.



Rebated strips are ideal for concrete or timber. The strips can be glued or screwed in the rebate and for high volume areas, glued and screwed.

The anti-slip test in wet conditions was 76 according to the Pendulum Value Test method (PVT) with classes products as follows:

  • 0 – 24 is rated as a High Slip Potential
  • 25 – 35 is rated as Moderate Slip Potention
  • 36+ is rated as Low Slip Potential

Strips should be secured with a suitable outdoor adhesive with the anti-slip agrigrate sitting just proud of the rebate to ensure suitable contact with foot ware. If screwing, we recommend 3mm dia x 20mm long stainless steel screws. A wider 24mm strip is also available as special order – lead time approx 4 working weeks. Different colour agrigrates are available for the 13 & 24mm strips but are subject to a minimium order quantity and a price supliment – please contact us if this is of interest.