Artificial Box Hedge Panel – 100cm x 100cm


Artificial box hedging was previously is supplied in 50cm x 50cm panel which simply clicks together to make a sheet of what ever size you require. Our new size of 1m x 1m is simply 4 of these 50cm x 50cm panels already clicked together to save you a bit of time. They can be easily pulled apart to make 4 of the original size panel or joined to other 1m x 1m panels to make larger sheets.

  • “Box Panel” is an attractive Green & Yellow traditional Buxus leaf that looks natural
  • Suitable for outdoor use, easily cut with a utility knife or scissors
  • Ideal for balcony, wall panels, screening and hiding unsightly items such as refuse bins
  • No watering or maintenance required
  • Fire retardant option available to order.
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