Artificial Hedge on Expanding Trellis – 2m x 1m “Red Robin”


Artificial hedging is supplied in a 2m x 1m wide panel on an expanding real wood willow trellis. This means it can easily adjust to the required space (max 2.4m x 0.8m approx).

  • “Red Robin” is an variegated red and green leaf that looks natural
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Ideal for balcony, wall panels, screening and hiding unsightly items such as refuse bins.
  • No watering or maintenance required.
  • Normally stocked for imeadiate despatch


Artificial hedge provides a realistic look for all your outdoor spaces adding character and privacy to areas such as a balconies, fences, beer gardens or any outdoor area. They provide quick cover, are easy to install and come in different formats each suited for their own specific properties.

  • Hedge on a Roll: 3m x 1m rolls – fully flexible, two sided: Amazon (Ivy), Emerald, Autumn and Grass Roll. Manufacturers 2 Year Warranty for UV stabilisation.
  • Expanding Willow Expanding Trellis Screening: 2m x 1m panel – flexible, expands to approx 2.8m x 0.4m, also looks good from the back side. Savanna (Laurel), Red Acer, Evergreen (Green Acer), Bamboo, Red Robin. Manufacturers 5 year warranty on PE leaves, Natural Willow trellis, may become brittle over time depending on the level of weather exposure.
  • Floral PVC Expanding Trellis Screening: 2m x 1m panel – flexible, expands to approx 2.8m x 0.4m, Flat PVC trellis effect from the back side. Light Pink (Flora Pink or Japanese Cherry), Deep Pink (Rose Pink or Bougainvillea) Yellow Flower (Buttercup) as well as plain Garden Leaf. Manufacturers 5 year warranty.
  • Living Wall: 1m x 1m panels on mesh backing, extremely flexible, clips together to make larger panels. Variagated Box Hedge (Buxus), Living Wall Plain (Forest), Living Wall Colour (Red Flower), Living Wall Fern (Shutterwall). Manufacturers 5 year warranty.

Suitable for residential & commercial use, Weatherproof & UV stabilised, Indoor and Outdoor suitable, Install anywhere.



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Pack (10)


3m x 1m