Retro Fit – 1m Anti-Slip Insert Strips


Slippery decking can be a thing of the past, our retrofit insert strip gives you a non-slip surface that works in both wet & icy conditions, turning your existing decking into a safe and usable surface all year round. The strips can be glued (or screwed for high volume traffic) into the existing groves on the majority of decking boards without any alteration.

  • Provides anti-slip grip even in ice and snow dusting
  • Suitable for garden decks, smoking areas, bars & hotels terraces etc
  • Quick & easy to install – simply glue or drill & screw into place
  • Maintenance free – 5 year warranty
  • Supplied in a convenient 100cm length


Generally if walking across a standard 140mm wide decking board, two of the 1m long strips would be used to ensure your foot is always in contact with a non-slip strip. If walking along the length of the decking board rather than across it, you may need 3 strips. The strip are designed to be glued into the existing grouves of the decking board, but can also be drilled and screwed for added durability especially in high volume areas. If you are only glueing, It is impoortant to ensure the decking boards are thoroughly cleaned and dry before installation and the adhesive is an outdoor grade suitable for this application.


1m x 12mm wide


Grey, Silver