Grab Rail Adjustable Angle


Our two part hand grip rail can adjust to different angles allowing you to pull yourself from sitting down and then help steady you into the standing position. Ideal for baths, beds and sitting applications.

  • Sturdy ABS plastic & aluminium material
  • 100 – 150kg max weight
  • Adjustable between 90 – 220 deg.
  • 36mm dia.
  • Each part has 32.4cm hand area and 46cm overall
  • German design & manufactured



Traditionally grip rails a single unit requiring you to buy a second unit and when trying to use them in combination or are fixed at 90 or 45 deg angle. Our adjustable grip rail has two sections, both are 46cm overall with 32.4cm of hand grip area and can be set anywhere between 90 – 220 deg. Its fluted or natural grip design helps you to grip the bar especially with wet hands.


Adjustable Angle – Fluted Grip, Adjustable Angle – Natural Grip