Recycled Rubber Flexi Scallop Lawn Edging – 1.2m

Manufactured from recycled old car tyres, our 1.2m long garden lawn edging is both flexible and durable. The edging is easy to install and comes with four fixing pins that simply hammer into the gorund through the edging. Available in two colours – Grey or Earth Brown, this scalloped design will set off your flower bed or path.

  • Simple to install & maintain
  • 120cm long x 10cm high x 5cm thick
  • Supplied with 4 plastic fixing pins per length
  • Durable and flexible
  • Upcycled & recyclable
  • Made in the EU from old European tyres


Recycled Rubber FAQ.

What is the product made of? This range of products are manufactured from old tyres which are shredded, moulded, and coloured here in Ireland.

Is there a guarantee? Yes, the manufacturer offers a 3-year quality guarantee.

Will the colour rub off the products? No, this might happen with water-based colourants, our products use a polyurethane based colour which is colour fast.

What products & colours do you stock? The core colours are Red, Brown & Black, with some products also available in Green, Greg & Blue – however minimium order quantities may apply.

  • Rubber Chippings: We stock all colours in 20kg handy bags of chippings – Red, Brown, Black, Grey, Blue & Green. For logistical reasons, the 500 & 1,000kg bulk bags are not stocked here, instead they will go directly from the manufacturer with a lead time of normally about 3 – 4 working days.
  • Tree rings: We stock 50cm & 100cm dia rings in Red, Green, Black & Brown. Grey is only available as a special order and MOQ may apply.
  • Garden Lawn Edging 1m Long: We stock Red, Brown and Black.
  • Mats: We only stock 1m x 1m mats, 20mm or 35mm thick in Brown with a brick effect Pattern. Red and Black are available in both thicknesses and in brick effect or plain finish. 2m x 1m options of the mat is also available as well as a 35mm interlocking (1.83m2), but for logistical reasons they are not stocked here. Instead they will go directly from the manufacturer with a lead time of about 3 – 4 working days subject to being in stock.
  • Kerbs 4m Long: These are available in Red, Brown and Black. For logistical reasons, they are not stocked here, instead they will go directly from the manufacturer with a lead time of normally about 3 – 4 working days.

Can a mat, kerbs & edgings be cut? Yes, using a standard handsaw, chop saw and for our mats a Jigsaw is ideal especially if you need curved shapes.

How do I fit the Lawn Edging? Traditionally people have used timber pegs and screwed the rubber edging directly to the edge. Others have bedded them into concrete. We supply a 15mm dia x 225mm long, heavy duty recycled plastic pin which can be used to go throught the edging, however as the rubber edge doesn’t come with holes in it, you will have to drill a 12mm or bigger hole in the edging. Finally customers have used 1m lengths of 6mm dia. mild steel to make pins to their resired length and used these either face fixed or pre-drilling through the edge and hammering them into the ground.

Can the mats be cleaned? Yes, because they are anti-fatigue, they are often used in indoor and outdoor beer gardens as well as other applications. They can be swept, mopped (including steam). For outdoor applications, the mats can be power-hosed.

What is the coverage of the rubber chippings? As a generally rule, 25mm+ cover is used on landscaping projects, 50mm+ for residential play areas and 100mm+ for commercial play areas. Approx coverage below is based on a level base.

  • 10kg = 1m2 based on 25mm thickness.
  • 20kg = 1m2 based on 50mm thickness.
  • 30kg = 1m2 based on 75mm thickness.
  • 40kg = 1m2 based on 100mm thickness.

Based on a 50mm cover, our 500kg bulk bag will cover approx. 25m2 with our 1,000kg covering approx. 50m2.

How do I install the mulch chippings? 1st remove all vegetation such as grass and weeds. For landscaping, just spread the chippings over the soil and around the plants / shrubs. I fabric weed barrier can be useful to stop the soil and chippings from mixing, and will also help prevent weeds from coming up, however fabric is not recommended is you have planted seeds, perennial or bulbs, as this may obstruct them coming up.

For residential play areas, sort out any drainage issues before installing the chippings. After all the vegetation is removed, level the area using stone with a top dressing of sand. Place a fabric weed barrier over the entire area overlapping or taping any joints. Then just spread the chippings out to the required height.

For more information or additional information, please email us [email protected]


Earth Brown, Grey